Tender Mercies

When Eliza was born, Marilyn Eyre gave her a lavendar blanket and pillows that she had made. She told me that she had started the blanket when her daughter Megan was born (18 years earlier) but had never finished it. When she found out that I was expecting a girl she decided to get it out and finish it for me. After I started helping Marilyn each week I decided to put the blanket and pillows in the loft of the playhouse. I thought it would be a nice way for us to remember and think about Marilyn.

A few months ago I found out that Megan was expecting a little girl (who incidentally is due just a few days before Marilyn's birthday. Megan is the only person I have ever wished to go over her due date!) One day after I had heard the exciting news I had a very strong impression that Marilyn had not finished that blanket for me or for Eliza. She finished it for Megan. We have just been the caretakers of it until Megan was ready for it. On Saturday I was able to give it to Megan at her baby shower. The first thing that Megan said when she opened it was, "It's purple!" Purple is the color that is used to represent MSA (the disease that Marilyn had). Because of this the color purple reminds Megan of her mom.

Many years ago, when Marilyn was choosing fabric she had no idea what the color purple would mean to the daughter who would receive that blanket. Many years later when she decided to finish it for Eliza she didn't know that she would not live to see Megan's baby girl, but that the blanket would be there for her. But the Lord knew. He put many things into place so that Megan could have this beautiful reminder of her mother. 

We have no idea what details of our lives have been influenced and orchestrated from the other side. But this experience has reminded me that the Lord loves us and He is involved in our lives, in the little details as well as the major events. 

Look for these moments in your lives. And remember to thank Him for them!